Wipers and Rags


Kimberley Clark Wypall brand Micro fiber wipes.  In Green, Blue, Red and Yellow

Product Code 83630 (green), 83620 (blue), 83980 (red), 83610 (yellow)


Wypall brand wipers either jumbo roll or wipers in a box for all your shop needs!

Jumbo Roll Product Code 41055, Wipers in box, we stock Code 41300, 34015 and 58399.

06001 KIMTECH* WETTASK* Wipers for Solvents code 06001

KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System – These wipers feature a strong hydroknit* base sheet for saturated wiping with solvents and detergents. Just add your own cleaner to the bucket provided and take your wiping efficiency to the next level. Product Code 6001

83561WYPALL* Wipers in a Bucket code 83561

WYPALL* X70 Wipers in a Bucket. Durable, absorbent wipers that stay strong for better cleaning performance and come in a totally portable and weather resistant bucket for on-the-go professionals. Reusable, long lasting performance. Cleans oil, grime, and solvents. Made with our high-tech HYDROKNIT* Fast Absorbing Material. Ideal for all manufacturing and maintenance & repair.

06411 Kimtech® Prep Wipers For Bleach Disinfectants and Sanitizers Code 06411

Wipers are specifically designed to be compatible with quat disinfectants, sanitizers and bleach. They maintain the target disinfectant concentration and provide a more uniform application than cotton rags and microfiber cloths. Simply add your own chemicals to the WETTASK* bucket with secure lid. The wipers dispense one at a time, and because it is an enclosed system, it helps avoid cross contamination of the wipers and cleaning solution while reducing exposure to vapors and splash.

We Also have colored rags and White rags in 20 Pound bails

Colored Mixed Rags Code – RFO19-B20, White rags Code – RD462-B20-A