Mops and Handles Mop Accessories

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Broom Handles for all your needs.  Wood with metal tip, complete wood, tapered end, Aluminum and as well we have flow through water handles ideal for car washing!


Wet Mop  fibreglass handle with EZ-Change polymer connector features a locking lever that allows the user to release a dirty mop without having to touch it. Fibreglass handle should be used where wood is prohibited, such as in food processing or prep areas. Use with narrow-band wet mops.


Breakaway Dust Mop is One of our most popular dust mop frames, this steel frame collapses for easy installation of 5″ slip on or tie on dust mops. Rugged industrial frame and hardwood handle are built to last. 360-degree swivel with exclusive roll-pin provides maximum maneuverability around and under furniture.


Cotton Mop heads from 350 Gram to 850 Gram.

This is an industrial-grade narrow band wet mop for general purpose cleaning. Manufactured with high grade cotton yarn, which is extremely absorbent with excellent floor drying qualities. These value-priced mops can be considered semi-disposable, as laundering is not recommended for any cut-end mop. All cotton mops must be broken in by soaking in water overnight to remove natural oils and debris. Use with any narrow band mop handle, such as EZ-Change model.


Tuff Stuff Narrow Band Wet mop.  Small to Extra Large.  Available in Blue, Green and Orange Depending on what your use will be.

TuffStuff’s synthetic-cotton blend yarn is a workhorse that outlasts conventional mops by 5 to 8 times and stands up well to laundering. The synthetic component of the yarn adds durability; the cotton boosts absorbency and reduces drying time. The tailband helps keep the mop’s fan shape, providing better floor coverage and eliminating tangles. TuffStuff narrow-band mops can be used with EZ-Change  handle and are the preferred mop for use in hospitals and long term care facilities


Finish Mop head The tightly twisted rayon-synthetic blend of TuffStuff Finish mop yarn allows for a consistent release of floor finish or sealer. This reduces the number of trips back to the mop bucket, saving time and money. The tailband on all TuffStuff Finish mops is sewn on the inside of the mop to ensure streak-free application of floor finish. Looped-end construction means these mops are completely launderable.


Wring-Ezy cotton mops offer top quality cut-end cotton yarn on a connector that accepts any standard threaded handle. These mops are designed for use with a cone pail making them perfect for use in tight spaces. All cotton mops must be broken in by soaking in water overnight to remove natural oils and debris. Laundering is not recommended for cut-end mops, although they can be rinsed out and hung to dry between uses. Available in various weights.


JaniLoop Ringtail Wet Mop

This Ringtail mop offers the durability and launderability of JaniLoop’s all-synthetic yarn combined with a compact size and rust free connector that accepts any standard threaded handle. Ringtails are small in size (approximately 9 oz) and work well with cone-style pails and wringers (see below). This is the perfect launderable mop for use in tight spaces.



The plastic cone mop bucket is a basic tool for cleaning smaller areas with ease. Consisting of a plastic bucket with removable cone-style wringer, it offers a simple solution for those little jobs where the user doesn’t want to drag out a heavy, conventional mop bucket. Use with yacht mops, Wring-Ezy or Ringtail mops.


 Mop Bucket with Side Wringer Professional-quality mop bucket and wringer are ideal for just about any mopping task. Durable polypropylene construction is corrosion resistant ensuring long-lasting product life. High-efficiency side-press wringer features a comfort grip handle that transfers pressure to the middle of the bucket for easy, efficient mop wringing and can accommodate a variety of mop sizes.

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The wall wash tool is a task-specific mop frame for washing walls and ceilings. 11″ wide by 8″ deep, it is the perfect size for washing walls. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it can safely be used with a sidepress wringer and bucket. Connector features a locking collar that firmly attaches to almost any handle (for high overhead washing, an extension handle such as our 367-series is recommended). Comes with a 14508 cotton Velcro wall wash mop.