Floor Chemicals

Diversey  Floor Care products

Floor Finishes:

Vectra_Family Complete_FloorFinish_Family Carefree_Family 5104950_WEB-Signature_HiSpeedFloorFinish-Family

  • Vectra  Floor Finish provides diamond-like brilliance, clarity and long-lasting performance, saving you time and labor, while giving the brilliant appearance you demand on your floors Avaliable in 3.78 or 18.9 liter
  • Carefree – multi surface multi maintenance floor Finish / Sealer avaliable in 18.9 liter
  • Complete Floor Finish is a durable finish that reduces the need to strip and refinish. Use on all resilient floors including vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile, rubber and linoleum. Avaliable in 3.78 or 18.9 liter
  • Signature Ultra High Speed Floor Finish provides unsurpassed “wet look” gloss, excellent durability and dirt release. It is easy to apply and maintain. Avaliable in 18.9 liter


Floor Strippers:

  • BRAVO Heavy duty and non-ammoniated for tough stripping jobs without the odor. Available in 3.78 liter jugs
  • ATTAC  Specially-formulated to penetrate and emulsify the toughest UHS burnished finishes. Available in 3.78 liter or 18.9 liter
  • LINOSAFE Effectively removes existing floor finish and prepares linoleum floors for LinoBASE® Sealer without damage done to the floor. Also works great on marble and other sensitive substrates. Colorless with a solvent scent.

overunderplussealer-family5104888_linobase_5g95104853_joncretematte_5gbib 5104845_JonCrete_HighGlossSealer_5GBIB

Floor Sealers:

  • Over Under Plus –  is a crystal clear water-based acrylic sealer for resilient floors. Use it for resilient flooring such as vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, rubber, linoleum and asphalt tile. Available in 3.78 liter or 18.9 liter
  • Lino Base Sealer  – Permanent sealer to protect new linoleum and restore damaged linoleum, providing uniformity and color rejuvenation. Protects linoleum floors from chemical damage and forms an ideal base for floor finish topcoats. Available in 18.9 Liter
  • Jon Crete – Ideal for Concrete floors – This durable, low-gloss stain resistant concrete sealer protects against scuffing, spills and stain to prolong floor life.
  • Jon Crete High Gloss – We now carry the Jon Crete High Gloss Sealer. A water-based high gloss sealer which brightens interiors, makes sweeping and cleaning easier, and extends the life of the floor.

Floor Cleaning Chemicals:


Unique patented cleaner/maintainer formula can be used for daily cleaning. Floor stays cleaner, longer. Unique formula designed to repair microscopic scratches. Red in color with a citrus scent.


A green floor cleaner, specifically-formulated to clean burnished, ultra high speed floor finishes. Delivers high performance, low foam cleaning without rinsing and leaves no dulling residue. Keeps floor finishes cleaner longer, thereby extending stripping cycles. Clear blue-green in color with an ammonia scent.

954103_ShinerSprayBuff_1G (1) SHINER® SPRAY BUFF

For conventional maintenance systems. Gives you that “just-finished” shine. Keeps your floors looking their best at all times. Delivers state-of-the-art performance and cost efficiency. Opaque white in color with a mild scent.


Specifically designed for preparation and ongoing maintenance of specialty floors such as rubber and linoleum. An integral part of a comprehensive floor care program for cleaning, stripping and sealing rubber floors. Is highly effective, solvent-free and emulsifies dirt quickly. White in color with a surfactant scent.


A neutral cleaner concentrate formulated for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. This product does not dull floor finishes, and does not require rinsing to deliver labor savings. Orange in color with a citrus scent.


Immediately removes stains from a variety of institutional, industrial and commercial carpets. Emulsion formula breaks-up and lifts out most oil and water-based stains including fruit juices, coffee, wine, tea, motor oil, margarine, lipstick, spaghetti sauce, chocolate and more. Leaves no sticky residue. Contains DuPont Zelan® stain blocker to replenish carpet’s factory applied stain resistance for long-lasting effectiveness.

904192_GeneralPurposeSpot_Squeezebottle_1Qt_2000x2000   GENERAL PURPOSE SPOTTER

All-purpose, water-based spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide. Low-residue formula will not resoil your carpet. Gets out tough stains?even the old ones! Safe on all carpets, including wool. Colorless with a floral fresh scent.

913888_POGSpotterGel-QT_2000x2000    PAINT, OIL AND GREASE SPOTTER GEL

All-purpose, solvet-based spotter. Removes paint, oil, grease, asphalt, tar and shoe polish. Colorless with a fruity scent.

904252_TanninStain-Qt  TANNIN STAIN REMOVER

Effective on coffee and tea stains. Use for general debrowning. Light yellow in color with a fruity scent.

95002540_RedJuiceStain_32oz   RED JUICE STAIN REMOVER

Works on tough food and beverage stains, including fruit punch, red wine, fruit juice and red soft drinks. Can be used for cold or hot transfer stain removal. Colorless with a mild scent.

95142180_Wdcare_Poly350Fin_5G  POLYURETHANE 350 FINISH

High-solids, oil-modified urethane offers premium protection with excellent single-coat gloss and durability. Provides outstanding resistance to and protection against soil, perspiration, heavy traffic and daily cleaning. Amber in color with a light solvent scent.