Dusters and Scrubbers


Wooly Wonder dusters are made with 100% natural lambswool, which makes the perfect duster because of its dust-attracting static charge. Available in various sizes  perfect for general dusting duties.


The Soft ostrich feather duster designed for the needs of the janitorial trade. Complete with wooden handle and hang-up cap. Safe for light dusting of delicate or ornamental objects (bottles, vases, etc.) as well as more intricate objects (Venetian blinds, lamps, and light fixtures).



Swiffer 360° Dusters trap and lock up to 3X more* dust and allergens.** 360 degrees of specially coated fibers grab onto dust and don’t let go. Uniquely designed to trap and lock dust from even the tight spaces in your home.  We have Extender Kit, Regular kit as wel as refills

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Swiffer® Dusters™ use thousands of fluffy fibers with Dust Lock Adhesive™ that traps and locks 2X more dust than a feather duster on virtually any surface for a great clean. Kit with handle as well as refills available


Astrolene Slip on Dust Mop Treated. The Astrolene yarn used in this dust mop is a blend of 4 synthetic fibres. Tightly twisted and heat-set, it resists fraying, does not produce lint, and stands up in the wash. This dust mop comes pre-treated with Velva Sheen dust control treatment; it can be re-treated after washing to maintain the dust-trapping properties of Velva Sheen. Slip-on style works with 5″ collapsible breakaway frames.


Cotton Industrial Treated Dust Mop.  The cotton yarn of this dust mop is heat-set to prevent fraying. The poly backing features a double boot construction to prolong the life of the mop. Slip-on style fits 5″ collapsible frames. Pre-treated with Velva Sheen dust control treatment which traps fine dust so it can be easily shaken from the mop.


Synthetic Horsehair Window Brush.  10″ foam block is densely filled with long trim, crimped synthetic horsehair fibre to easily remove grime and soil from windows. Takes any standard handle, threaded or tapered and can be used with an extension pole.


Synthetic Horsehair Vehicle Brush.  The 10” foam block is densely filled with synthetic horsehair fibre. Synthetic horsehair is crimped to hold large amounts of water and softly move across delicate surfaces to remove grime and soil. Use any standard threaded or tapered handle. Can also be used with an extension pole or waterfed pole.