Deodorizer and Enzyme

20170314_142626  Winter Breeze Odor Enzyme

Wescleans own brand of odor eliminating Enzymes.  Helps break down organic products such as urine and fecal matter.  Ideal for septic tank cleansing.  Available in 4 liter or 946 ML containers

20170330_115932  Winter Breeze Odor Counteractant

Wesclean brand water soluble odor counteractant eliminates odors as well as an effective neutral cleaner.  Leaves fresh scent smell when used.  Available in 4 liter or 946 ML

20170330_115948 Multi Purpose Powder

Wesclean brand Odor eliminating Multi Purpose powder ideal for use on carpet.  Also formulated with anti static agents to reduce carpet electric build up. 900 Gram container

20170330_120038 Robbie No No Dumpster Fresh

Wesclean brand Granular Odor Counteractant eliminates the toughest odors.  Helps deter insects with its citronella formula.  Absorbs spills – Oil, Grease, Paint and water.  Will keep your dumpster or trash cans smelling fresh! 454 Gram Container


Residual action odor counteractant that utilizes non-pathogenic bacteria and the enzymes they produce to help remove foul odors caused by urine, feces, blood, vomit, food spills, garbage and grease. Helps prevent clogging of drains. Safe to use on all washable surfaces. Tan in color with a fresh scent.

SW105W Dura Plus Metered Air Freshner

Metered Aerosol deodorizers in 7 oz cans for auto dispensing units. Available in Tropic Breeze, Baby Powder, Dutch Apple, Vanilla, Melon, Fresh Linen, Citrus Splash, Marvelous Mango, Country Garden and Lemon Lime.  Will also work in Glade dispensers.

12369 SCOTT® Continuous Air Freshener Refill

Maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling restroom is essential to your facility’s quality image. The Continuous Air Freshener System from Kimberly-Clark Professional* makes that easy.  Each refill lasts 60 days
Use with Kimberly-Clark Professional* Continuous Air Freshener Dispensers, 92620 or 92621

Available in : Natural, Summer Fresh, Mango, Citrus and Ocean Scents.

product Fresh Phase Fabrik Freshner

Patented formula eliminates malodors by changing malodor compounds and causing them to evaporate. Eliminates malodors caused by tobacco, food, and urine. Eliminates malodors caused by body odors. Fresh scent.

Febreze_Professional_03259_1024x1024Febreze Professional  Fabric Refreshner

Febreze cleans away odours trapped in fabrics; it’s not a ‘cover-up’ product. Proprietary cleaning system goes to the source of odours and eliminates them. Patented binding technology locks on to odour molecules and traps them for good. A light, fresh scent is left behind to leave the treated area smelling fresh and clean. Safe for virtually all fabrics.